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Plugins Mantis / Make note mandatory when closi...
Last post by administrator - 08 Jun 2024, 17:14:49
Follow the instructions layed down in the chapter "Custom Functions" inside the Mantis Admin Guide.
The custom function should read:
function custom_function_override_issue_update_validate( $p_issue_id, $p_bug_data, $p_bugnote ) {
   if( $p_bug_data->status == CLOSED ) {
      if( strlen( trim( $p_bugnote ) ) === 0 ) {
         error_parameters( 'No Note provided, issue cannot be closed' );
         trigger_error( ERROR_VALIDATE_FAILURE, ERROR );
Marktplaats / Tanktas voor Can Am Spyder F3S
Last post by administrator - 06 Jun 2024, 14:30:46
Zelf gebruik ik deze tanktas niet dus vandaar te koop.
Het gaat opver deze tanktas:
Doe een bod
Plugins Mantis / Re: Plugin to help banning of ...
Last post by administrator - 06 Jun 2024, 14:28:22
This plugin has been updated with the option to automatically allow issues/notes if the user has reported a minimum number of issues/notes aready. This is only applicable on bans in relation to language.
Plugins Mantis / Add Actiongroup action to upda...
Last post by administrator - 23 May 2024, 10:35:52
In config/config_inc.php define:
$g_custom_group_actions = array();
$g_custom_group_actions[0]['action'] = 'EXT_UPDATE_RESOLUTION';
$g_custom_group_actions[0]['label'] = 'actiongroup_menu_update_resolution';

in config/custom_strings_inc.php, add:
$s_actiongroup_menu_update_resolution = 'Update Resolution';
$s_update_resolution_title = 'Update Resolution';
$s_update_resolution_msg = 'Choose issue Resolution';
$s_update_resolutiony_button = 'Update Resolution';

Create the script bug_actiongroup_update_resolution_inc.php in the root of your mantis installation:
# MantisBT - A PHP based bugtracking system

# MantisBT is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# MantisBT is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with MantisBT.  If not, see <>.

 * Bug action group include file
 * @package MantisBT
 * @copyright Copyright 2000 - 2002  Kenzaburo Ito -
 * @copyright Copyright 2002  MantisBT Team -
 * @link
 * @uses access_api.php
 * @uses bug_api.php
 * @uses config_api.php
 * @uses gpc_api.php
 * @uses lang_api.php
 * @uses print_api.php

if( !defined( 'BUG_ACTIONGROUP_INC_ALLOW' ) ) {

require_api( 'access_api.php' );
require_api( 'bug_api.php' );
require_api( 'config_api.php' );
require_api( 'gpc_api.php' );
require_api( 'lang_api.php' );
require_api( 'print_api.php' );

 * Prints the title for the custom action page.
 * @return void
function action_update_resolution_print_title() {
   echo lang_get( 'update_resolution_title' );

 * Prints the field within the custom action form.  This has an entry for
 * every field the user need to supply + the submit button.  The fields are
 * added as rows in a table that is already created by the calling code.
 * A row has two columns.
 * @return void
function action_update_resolution_print_fields() {
      <th class="category">
         <?php echo lang_get( 'update_resolution_msg' ); ?>
         <select name="resolution" class="input-sm">';
            <?php print_enum_string_option_list( 'resolution' ); ?>

 * Validates the action on the specified bug id.
 * @param integer $p_bug_id A bug identifier.
 * @return string|null On failure: the reason why the action could not be validated. On success: null.
function action_update_resolution_validate( $p_bug_id ) {
   $t_update_resolution_threshold = config_get( 'update_bug_threshold' );
   $t_bug_id = $p_bug_id;

   if( bug_is_readonly( $t_bug_id ) ) {
      return lang_get( 'actiongroup_error_issue_is_readonly' );

   if( !access_has_bug_level( $t_update_resolution_threshold, $t_bug_id ) ) {
      return lang_get( 'access_denied' );

   return null;

 * Executes the custom action on the specified bug id.
 * @param integer $p_bug_id The bug id to execute the custom action on.
 * @return null Previous validation ensures that this function doesn't fail. Therefore we can always return null to indicate no errors occurred.
function action_update_resolution_process( $p_bug_id ) {
   $f_resolution = gpc_get_string( 'resolution' );
   bug_set_field( $p_bug_id, 'resolution', $f_resolution );
   return null;
Plugins Mantis / Re: Query for Mantis
Last post by administrator - 15 May 2024, 18:35:10
This plugin has had a big overhaul, go for the latest version (2.18) here:
Plugins Mantis / Plugin to help banning of Spam
Last post by administrator - 04 May 2024, 13:33:37
The BanSpam plugin tries to block spammers:
Ensuring issues/notes can only be raised in one(1) language
Offering the option to block ip (ranges)
Blacklists can be uploaded in bulk using csv file.
You will find it here:
Plugins Mantis / Time tracking in Mantis
Last post by administrator - 01 May 2024, 15:50:05
Although mantis does has the facility for time tracking, it is not very flexible.
Hence a new plugin, see here:
Plugins Mantis / Check for updated plugins for ...
Last post by administrator - 22 Apr 2024, 14:15:30
This plugin will check each installed plugin for possible updates. This can be done online via the admin menu or thru a scheduled job. When online, an overview is presented with the status of your plugins with the option to download the plugin if an update is available.

As a scheduled job, an email is send to the defined email adddress. Message will contain similar information as when the program is executed online.

Prerequisites The plugin expects to find a file called version.txt in the root of the plugin directory. This plugin should have 3 entries: Version: 1.02 # Devurl: # Location: # Version holds the version of the plugin installed. This line starts with "Version:" and ends with a "#". Devurl holds the location of the version.txt file on the site of the developer. This allows easy comparison of the version istalled versus the version available. This line starts with "Devurl:" and ends with a "#". Location holds the location from where the updated plugin can be downloaded. This line starts with "location:" and ends with a "#". The sequence of the 3 entries is not relevant.
Plugins Mantis / Filter on Duedate within Manti...
Last post by administrator - 22 Apr 2024, 14:13:48
Enables filtering on DueDate and adds a section to the My_view page
Plugins Mantis / Add recurring issues to Mantis
Last post by administrator - 22 Apr 2024, 14:12:54
This plugin incorporates recurring "calls" into Mantis. The field "severity" is renamed to "Call Type" and in addition to the existing definition, 6 types are added : 74:Daily Recurring task 75:Weekly Recurring task 76:Monthly Recurring task 77:Quarterly Recurring task 78:Half-yearly Recurring task 79:Yearly Recurring task If a call (issue) in the system reaches a predefined Status (default: resolved), it creates a new call, again with a predefined status(default: assigned). It then sets a new duedate based upon call type, ie type=76, it adds one month to the duedate. It does work only with the standard working days which means that a month is defined as 22 working days.
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