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Check for updated plugins for Mantis

Started by administrator, 22 Apr 2024, 14:15:30

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This plugin will check each installed plugin for possible updates. This can be done online via the admin menu or thru a scheduled job. When online, an overview is presented with the status of your plugins with the option to download the plugin if an update is available.

As a scheduled job, an email is send to the defined email adddress. Message will contain similar information as when the program is executed online.

Prerequisites The plugin expects to find a file called version.txt in the root of the plugin directory. This plugin should have 3 entries: Version: 1.02 # Devurl: # Location: # Version holds the version of the plugin installed. This line starts with "Version:" and ends with a "#". Devurl holds the location of the version.txt file on the site of the developer. This allows easy comparison of the version istalled versus the version available. This line starts with "Devurl:" and ends with a "#". Location holds the location from where the updated plugin can be downloaded. This line starts with "location:" and ends with a "#". The sequence of the 3 entries is not relevant.

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