Bike trips in 2018

So what are the plans for 2018? For now we have 2 major trips planned.

  • 18 day trip into Spain & Portugal with Ton, Arnold & Aart
    • Happening during May
  • 10 day trip into Poland & Slowakia with Arnold, Rob, Peter, Franc & Saddy
    • Happening beginning of July

Northcape 2017

A 3 week journey of 3 guys riding different bikes (Ducati/KTM/Can-Am) from Holland via Germany, Sweden, Finland to the most northern point of Norway, the Northcape. On the way back passed Denmark & Germany.

Here we reached on the way in the polar circle in Sweden.

Ton & myself @ the target location.

Ton, Aart & myself with 4 russians.

So that was the end of the trip, 7571.6 kilometers in 3 weeks……..

New home site for

After quite some time, i felt the need to create again a website. One with blogging facilities but also capable of handling more than just that. Have been expirimenting with various options and came back to WordPress. For now that seems the best fit for me.